Team-Building Sessions

  • Group Class
  • Increases Communication
  • Problem Solving Skills


Grandmaster Clarence Smith has decades of experience in management in corporate environments. Specializing in Lean Six Sigma, he has helped businesses streamline efficiency and help reduce losses from inefficient business practices. Grandmaster Clarence Smith believes teamwork and communication are important tools to solve problems in the workplace environment.

Our team-building sessions will help your team learn important skills including successful communication, efficient teamwork, and will help build trust among team members. During these sessions, team members will have fun learning martial arts while building a bond as a team.

What To Expect:

Each business team is different. With this in mind, we will discuss your needs and goals before your session to ensure a fun, successful experience. Before your session, each team member will receive their own karate uniform. During your session, you can expect to learn basic karate forms and maneuvers, self-defense skills, escape tactics, and exercises that increase reflexes and instincts. Throughout your session, your team will learn to improve communication between each other, learn how to problem-solve difficult situations, and find ways to effectively and efficiently achieve shared company goals. Your team members will have fun while building lasting bonds as a business team.


  • Monday-Friday (By Appointment)