Grandmaster Smith was the proprietor of the Karate Institute, a state of the art training facility in San Angelo, Texas and produced well-accomplished martial artists such as Walter (Putt-Putt) Bryant, Clarence (Juice) Bowman, Jim (JR) Ross and Mike “Wolfman” Jones (also instructed by Grandmaster Balmos). Some of his protégés went on to compete nationally and internationally. Grandmaster Smith was recently named to the Directorship of Southern California.


Grandmaster Clarence “Daddy-O” Smith has been recognized by his peers as one of the best in martial arts. He has been featured in the popular “Who’s Who In Martial Arts” guide. This book recognizes the top Grandmasters in Karate and is an important guide used to establish the leaders in the martial arts world. You can also find Grandmaster Smith featured in several of “The World’s Greatest Martial Artists” books.

Who's Who In The Martial Arts

Kyusho Tactical Applications

In February 2008, Grandmaster Smith attended the Annual Kyusho International Training Course. He achieved his Level certification for Kyusho Tactical Applications. The course consisted of three dimensions:

  • Rigorous training of the constant training environment, with gun handling, safety and dynamic live-fire sequence training.
  • Rapid Fire and controlled targeting to assure accurate shooting skills from concealed and tactical positions.
  • Rapid blade work working with multiple angle and cutting method.

Defensive Tactical capabilities of both Bladed Weapon and Firearms.


Grandmaster – 9th Degree Black Belt (Dan)

Quality instructions by master black belts and grandmasters

Personal trainers

50+ years experience in martial arts

Dedicated classes starting at 3 years of age

Family-oriented instructions

Seminars by black belts, master black belts and grandmasters

40+ years of tournament experience

Certified Promoter

Certified Referee

VP of Tang Soo Do Karate Association

Member of the Black Belt Association

Local, state, national and international experience

True Force Alliance Lifetime Member